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      英語六級分值明細 每部分考多少分能及格

      鄭玉文2022-02-09 10:39:19

      英語六級試卷滿分710分,寫作部分占整套試卷的15% =106.5分;聽力部分占整套試題的35%=248.5分;閱讀理解占整套試題的35%=248.5分;翻譯部分占整套試卷的15% =106.5分。

      英語六級分值明細 每部分考多少分能及格














      ①As the graph depicts,,….

      ②From the cartoon /picture, we can see that ..

      ③According to the statistics shown in the first /second graph,

      ④The table shows / indicates/ reveals that .…

      ⑤It can be seen/concluded from the picture/table/ figures that….


      ①Recently,..has become the focus of the society.

      ②.has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life.

      ③Nowadays there is a growing concern for ...

      ④Nowadays it is common to hear /see ...

      ⑤..has become a common occurrence in our daily life.

      ⑥Nowadays more and more people are beginning to be aware of the seriousness of …

      ⑦It is only during the last/past fewyears that man has become generally aware that .…..

      ⑧There is an old / popular saying / proverb which says / goes.…

      ⑨In recent years, there is a general tendency ….

      ⑩Nowadays.. has become a problem we have to face.


      ①Some people like / prefer ., while others are / felinclined to

      ②There aredifferent opinions among people as to.….Some believe…. whole hold …

      ③Some people laim that….is superior to..Others,however,disagree with it.

      ④Some peoplebelieve.Others maintain.Still others claim …

      ⑤Some people suggest….Others,however,hold the opposite opinion.

      ⑥On the one hand,people tend to.….On the other hand,they feel….

      ⑦Some people argue that….Others,in contrast,believe that….

      ⑧Although more and more people come to believe…there arestil others who insist that …

      ⑨On the contrary,there are people in favor of ….

      ⑩There are some people who hold different opinions about…


      ①My own experience tells me that

      ②In my opinion,we should attack more importance to …..

      ③As for my own idea about ... believe ...

      ④As far as Iam concerned,I plan to ⑤Personally, I prefr ….

      ⑥In my view,both sides are partly right in that …

      ⑦But for me , I would rather ..

      ⑧My own point of view is that …

      ⑨In conclusion,I support the statement that …

      ⑩As regards me,I tend to choose …..


      ①From what has been discused/mentioned above,wemayconcude that

      ②Therefore,itis not dificult to draw/come to the condusion that..

      ③t i high time that something was done about …

      ④Fromall the reasons/consideration above,itis evident/clear/obviousthat..

      ⑤Taking into account all hese factors,we may reach the conclusion that

      ⑥Given the reasons/consideration Ihavejust outlined/discussed/presented,I strongly recommend that ...

      ⑦It is clear, therefore, tht..

      ⑧Alli all, what really matters is,in fact,to⑨It is essential that ffctive measure be taken to …

      ⑨Fromwhat has been discussed above,we may reasonably rrive at the conclusion that

      ⑩ In conclusion the most important s.@2 On the whole,it is high time that every one…間As a result,we should take some effective steps to… 4Judging by the figures/statistics,it is not diffcult to see that…. t) Only in this way/ in so doing,can be realy..



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