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      岳春陽2022-02-09 09:31:54





      With the development of science and human civilization, many formerly unimaginable things come into reality. Some of them have positive effects on our life, but some are distasteful. The phenomenon of _______ (主題現象) is an example of the former / latter one.

      There are many factors that may account for it, and the following are the most conspicuous aspects.To start with, __________________ (原因1). Furthermore, ______________________ (原因2). Eventually, __________________________ (原因3). Good as ____________ (主題現象) is, it has, unfortunately, its disadvantages. The apparent example is that ___________ (缺點例子1). In addition, ___________ (缺點例子2).

      On the whole, the phenomenon is one of the results of the progress of the modern society. There is still a long way for us to improve / eliminate __________ (主題現象) and make our life more comfortable.


      College Students Playing Truant

      The past few years have witnessed a mounting number of college students playing truant. Taking a look around, one can find examples too many to enumerate. Sometimes, even less than half of the students in a class attend the lecture..

      A number of factors may be responsible for this phenomenon. Personally, I can come up with the following ones. In the first place, there exist faults with the arrangement of curriculum. In other words, some courses are irrelevant, or far beyond or below students. In the second place, some teachers are responsible for the phenomenon. Their teaching is far from attractive or efficient. Lastly, there exist reasons on the part of students, many of whom have become restless under the influence of some social trends.

      This phenomenon is definitely unhealthy and requires remedying. Naturally, measures should be taken in the three aspects mentioned above. For one thing, it is imperative that the school perfect its arrangement of courses. For another, teachers should be constantly urged to improve their work. Last but not least, students should be warned against some vicious trends in society and concentrate on their study. Only with these measures taken can we expect a solution of the problem.


      The past years have witnessed a mounting number of Chinese scholars returning from overseas. As is lively illustrated by the column chart, the number of returnees climbed from a mere 69.3 thousand in 2008 to over 272.9 thousand in 2012, at an annual increase rate of around 50%.

      A multitude of factors may have led to the tendency revealed by the chart, but the following are the critical ones from my perspective. First and foremost, along with the development of Chinese economy and society, the number of Chinese studying abroad has been soaring in the past years, which has provided an expanding base for the number of returnees. In the second place, the government has enacted a series of preferential policies to attract overseas Chinese scholars back home. Last but not least, the booming economy, science and technology in this country have generated more attative job opportunites for scholars returning from overseas.

      The waves of returnees will definitely contribute to this nation’s development, since they have brought back not only advanced science and technology but also pioneering concepts of education and management. With more scholars coming back from overseas, and with the concerted efforts of the whole nation, we have reasons to expect a faster rejuvenation of this country.


      Nowadays many people prefer __________ (主題) because it plays a significant role in our daily life.

      Generally, its advantages can be seen as follows. On the one hand, ________________ (主題的優點1). On the other hand, ___________________ (主題的優點2). But everything can be divided into two. The negative aspects are also apparent. One of the important disadvantages is that ___________________ (主題的缺點1). To make matters worse, __________________________ (主題的缺點2).

      Through the above analysis, I believe that the positive aspects far outweigh its negative aspects. Whatever effects it has, one thing is certain, ________ (主題) itself is neither good nor bad. It is the uses to which it is put that determine its value to our society.










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