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      Dangerous Sports Should Be Banned

      When we speak of the ancient Romans, we can't help thrilling at the slaughter in their arenaswhich they took as entertainment. Well, any way, this happened 2, 000 years ago. But aremodern people less blood-thirsty? Why do boxing matches attract such universal interest? Don't the spectators hope to see some violence?

      It is really incredible that in this age we should still allow hunting and bull-fighting, that weshould be prepared to sit back and watch two men fight each other in a boxing ring, that weshould be relatively unmoved by the sight of one or a number of racing cars crashing andbursting into flames. People take part in violent sports because of the high rewards they bring. Spectators are willing to pay vast sums of money to see violence. A lot of people aredisappointed if a fight is over in two rounds instead of fifteen just because they have beendeprived of the exquisite pleasure of witnessing prolonged tor ture and violence .

      Why should we ban violent sports since people enjoy them so much? The answer is simple: they are uncivilized. For centuries man has been trying to improve himself spiritually andemotionally and this is the 21st century. Tremendous progress has been made in science andtechnology, social welfare systems are in operation in many parts of the world, and big effortshave been made to increase public wealth. These changes have come about because humanbeings have taken positive steps to change and improve human civilization. If we banneddangerous and violent sports, we would be moving one step further to improving mankind.



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